Transcended by your beauty

I close my eyes, and the wind whips my face. I hear you in the distance, but I don’t know where you are. I feel like I am about to collapse, winded from running so long. My lungs sting taking the air in and out, in and out, but I can’t stop. I have got to get to you. Not quite sure where I am, I feel leaves slapping my arms as I continue to run, refusing to stop. There it is again, that voice. Or is it? Whatever I am hearing, I have got to get to it and fast. I look down to see my bare feet moving through weeds. There must be thorns attached to the foliage that keeps brushing against my legs because little red and pink scratches start to appear on my calf muscles. I notice the trees now, probably because they are becoming more dense forcing me to swerve left and right in order to stay in the right direction. The right direction? Is that even what this is? I don’t even know what I am running to. I hear the sounds again…this time I notice a melodious nature that I didn’t hear before. The voice is clearer, stronger. I can sense the direction it is coming from – straight ahead. That’s not possible, though. I have become immersed in this black forest of thorny weeds and thousands of trees. I can’t see a thing. Finally, I stop. Sweat beads stream down my face and mix with the tears spilling from my eyes. My hands quickly find my hips, and I buckle over trying to catch my breath. That voice felt so close; why can’t I reach it? An exhale escapes my mouth, and just as I squat down, hoping my butt finds an area of ground not filled with thorns, I see it. A light at the edge of my feet. It is very dim, but it’s there. Squinting, I lean forward, and, maybe I am crazy, but the light seems to get a little brighter. I take a step, and the illumination reveals my muddy bare feet, bleeding and callused. I take another step and another. The sound returns, this time clearer. It is you; I knew it. And you are singing to me. I feel the soft dirt against the balls of my feet as I pick up my pace, sprinting. I can see the clearing. Greens and yellows form the opening to the black hole that is almost behind me. I burst through, and the sunlight is blinding. My knees hit the soft earth, and I am transcended in the awe of your beauty. Finally, I have made it to the end.


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