Sweet Tea Drinker, Front Porch Swinger

With dreams in my head and shoes on my feet…no – wait…that’s already been used.

A passion in my heart and a thought in my mind…there that’s better.

I am a 22-year-old who wants to change the world. Impossible, you say? Maybe so, but I have faith that can withstand the toughest thing you could throw at me.

Like most people, I want to blog about life, uncensored…but you may come to find my ‘taboo’ choice of words, ideas, and stories do not match up with the same ‘uncensored’ idea created by the tacky person who criticizes everything in sight.

No, I want to write about what life should be…full of love and God. – But rest assured this life does not come without struggle.

So I will share myself so that others can see that there IS a God – and He sees us through it ALL.


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